Friday, July 8, 2011


The sound of chapbook pages turning is heard in the land…Poems from the Boatyard is shipping and my Facebook, Twitter, and email boxes are pinging!

I’m delighted to learn that many of you are receiving your chapbooks, and others can expect to receive theirs within the week.

Just in the nick of time for me: today I leave for Europe, and reeaaallly wanted to know this was happening before travel & spotty internet connections would interfere with timely communications. I can now breathe a sigh of relief, kick back for another tiny celebration, and enjoy all your wonderful comments and reactions, and click on "Like" a lot!

What a journey. And now that this phase is over, it seems to have gone so quickly, with all those hoops to jump through, amazed that it was all happening. But tonight I flop on the couch, flip the pages of the little darling, and celebrate again.

So, travel news…I leave for Europe, returning the first week of August. I will be switching over to my travel blog, and you can follow those adventures if you like, or take the time off to read the poems. If anyone 'gets' kicking back for the summer, it's me. I’ll pick up again here in August, when further boatyard explorations are on the agenda!

And just in case you don’t have enough to read, thought I’d add these links, for those who are enjoying learning about the chapbook, and for those who just relish a good bit of writing:

For more on the lowly chapbook, click here. And here for a bit of loveliness from the Georgia Review.

And speaking of reviews, I’m now on Amazon’s Author Central . Stop by, chat about the book, leave a review, and watch the premier Poems from the Boatyard video! (Kitsch at its finest.)

Or just go to Amazon, and create your own review. Please: no less than 5 stars, thank you very much!

That oughta keep y'all busy till August!

Thanks so much for taking this journey with me. It really has only just begun, but isn’t it good to stop along the way and savor the moment?

Have a great July! See you in August!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Little Ship with Big Possibilities

Well, well, well, look what just arrived from Fed Ex!

A mailing tube from brother Paul. Inside is what looks like papyrus scrolls from Egypt, but on closer examination, is astounding: original blueprints for the boat my father was building!

I am astonished that the blueprints are still in existence, astonished that my brother should take the time to send them to me, instead of just calling to say he’ll show me next time I’m up. But that’s just the kind of brother he is—one of my heroes! Thanks Paul!!!

There is also a sketch of a gravestone design, for our father’s dear friend Heino, from Estonia, and you’ll find one poem about him in Poems from the Boatyard. Heino’s end was tragic, and we won’t go there right now. Back to the blueprints!

Yellowed and with print faded out of one corner, I can nevertheless share this with you:

“Discovery is a little ship with big possibilities. [Sounds like my chapbook!] She needs but a small cash outlay, she’s simple in construction, and she’s one of the most useful boats per dollar that it is possible to devise. On an overall length of 22 feet, she can be built complete with outboard for under $750—and built by anyone with the tools and know-how to knock together a flat bottomed skiff. When completed, she looks shapely, sails beautifully, and runs along at five knots with a 2-hp outboard. If desired, she can be driven by any inboard engine with a displacement of less than 60 cu in. She’s grand for either cruising or day-sailing.”

A grand design…a sexy little skiff…a little ship with big possibilities…all for only$750! I wonder what that equates to today. Can you imagine building a boat for $750?! That’s probably a tank of gas for some of the larger boats I see in the boatyards these days!

Imagination wanders to the day we might have sailed it...Thanks again, Paul, for stirring the pot!