Saturday, July 27, 2013


For those of you who have not already seen it on the social media, that's the new magic tally of advance sales. So, I'm in for a pressrun of 500 copies - and glad to have reached that goal, after such an underwhelming start! 

Next on the agenda is a visit to some friends overseas, and attend a conference.  So the Boatyard will be a bit quiet till next month, while I cogitate on important matters, book tours and signings.  It promises to be an active Fall, so unplugging a bit now in anticipation.

Thanks to all who made it happen.  Another month or two, and The Boatman's Daughter will see the light of day! 

In the meantime, storing up reading material for my trek overseas.  One of them is "Pity the Beautiful," an interview with Dana Gioia on the release of his new book.

Dana Gioia is one of those poets who is, as this interviewer says, outside of my galaxy.  I first heard him speak in New York City, at an IAM Conference.  I'm not sure how this article plays out fully; I got in knee-deep and then had to bookmark it to get onto more mundane matters like laundry and food shopping.  Pity the mundane...

One gem of a quote, and then I'm off.  Follow me here till I get back!

"When we collectively lose our ability to have sustained linear attention, whole types of thought are impossible." 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Closing Ceremonies

I've made it past the doldrums and into publication--almost into the next level in the pressrun.  Unbelievable--and hoping to nail it today.  

Thanks to all who jumped on board, with orders coming in fast and furious these past few weeks.  With that traction, the publisher extended the advance sales period one week, to see if I could hit the next level, and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

Today is the last day.  If I do double the press run, I 'earn' double the copies. I'm almost sure this will happen, and it's just extraordinary how much as happened through this sales period.  I sometimes feel like I'm in a game show.  

Today is the last day to order The Boatman's Daughter!

So peeps!  Today is the last call to reserve your copy of The Boatman's Daughter.  Here's the link, and you have until midnight! 

(If you have trouble with it, email:  International shipping also available.)  

I have 14 more copies to go.  I will then do a happy dance and collapse in a heap on the veranda, possibly with a mint julep and a crab cake in celebration.  We'll all do happy dance while social media marketing blows out to sea...

I've been posting some teasers the past few days, as part of the closing ceremonies, but in case you missed them, here's the first:

Padre & the Chaperones

Padre functioned best as the football coach--
head set back beneath his black padre hat,
with its peaked dome and pom-pom top,
eyes half-closed like some sun-drunk cat,
neither holy nor jovial, overweight and poker-faced,
cigar in left hand, some boy's ear in his right.
A man's man, the men would say--
he still holds them rapt...

Don't forget to pin, tweet, share, link in, forward--every little bit of exposure helps.

Thank you, Finishing Line Press, for extending, and thanks so much to all of you who have ordered and encouraged.  I'm looking forward to wrapping this baby up, and moving on to the book tour preps.

Don't forget: The Boatman's Daughter is scheduled for release in mid-September, 2013.  YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE CHAPBOOK THEN.  If you get antsy, you can order Poems from the Boatyard from Finishing Line Press as well, or through Amazon.  

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rain, Reprieve & Radios!

Torrential downpours continue here in Atlanta, but the poetry world is alive and well.  I've been hunkered down up with a 3rd poetry manuscript, coming down the homestretch...a little more gathering, a few poems left to revise, then the organization and layout...getting there!
Finishing Line Press has granted me an extra week on advance sales, which will hopefully be enough to push me up the press run ladder!  Thank you FLP!  July 14 is my new deadline.
They've also invited me to a book fair to represent them in St. Augustine's in Florida!  That is a big deal and a tempting offer!  Putting the crowbar to the calendar...and the wallet!  Stay tuned for details.  The conference takes place in November.

Then a friend called to tell me she had met a guy from BlogTalkRadio--who hosts online radio interviews of poets!  She nominated me, I'm looking into it, and will keep you posted.  Sundays at 7--listen in! 

Dan Veach of Atlanta has been named this year's Georgia Author of the Year for his Finishing Line Press book ELEPHANT WATER (award presented by The Georgia Writers Association).  I don't know Dan, but know of him, and asked him for an endorsement on The Boatman's Daughter.  Didn't realize he was so busy...sorry Dan!  But congratulations!  Glad to be in such good company with you and Finishing Line Press.

That's the latest from the Boatyard, peeps, and I close with another call to mobilize you over this soggy and cool July 4th, to reserve your copy of The Boatman's Daughter.  Here's the link, and if you have any trouble with it, the email: 

I'm looking to sell 40 more copies, so if you can help lower that number, I will seriously appreciate you!  International orders also accepted!

One more week of harassment, and my social media lips will be sealed until at least next book signing...

Why you should order now:
. my press run double, which means my payment in copies doubles;
. you will save on shipping costs; 
. I will seriously appreciate you!

Ready?  Go!  And don't forget to pin, tweet, share, link in, forward!

Grateful...and Happy 4th!  Hope you're getting a little more sunshine in your corner of the world, and if not, there's some poetry to be had...