Saturday, September 8, 2012

Silver Boomer Books

Interrupting the weighty musings on father to share some writing news, and introduce a guest blogger I've invited to the boatyard to write several posts.  
First, the writing front: summer has been productive, with submissions to two--count ‘em two!--poetry chapbook manuscripts.  The Boatman's Daughter, sequel to Poems from the Boatyard went to Finishing Line Press (chapbook competition in July), quickly followed by Pink Toilet Paper: The Culture Shock Poems  to Tiger’s Eye Press.  Thought I’d raise the bar this summer by entering the bracing competition of poetry contests.  To be continued...
Some random and individual submissions netted me one sale: "Grappling with Ghosts," an essay which will appear in A Quilt of Holidays, an anthology of poetry, story and memoir published by Silver Boomer Books. Check out the cover, website and author pages.  It is scheduled to be released later this month.
You can order A Quilt of Holidays from the SBB website, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  It will make a nice stocking stuffer for Christmas. I won’t be involved in sales this time around; life is too busy and travel too high to guarantee sanity!  At some point, I’ll be walking around with some copies, but in the meantime, you can order as you like.  (I will not make any money on this; my 'paycheck' is already in the bank, and should purchase a couple of Starbucks coffees or maybe a bottle of merlot to celebrate...)  
On the agenda is an author signing at the Peachtree City Library on December 2.  Mark your calendars and come on down!  

And next post, I will introduce a friend, colleague, singer/songwriter, and father of four.  His journey as father this past year has been particularly poignant, and I have invited him to share it over the next four posts. I trust you will be moved and inspired.  

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