Monday, November 26, 2012

The Writing Life

Next up on the writing agenda is an author signing at the Peachtree City Library, Peachtree City, GA, on December 2, 1-3 pm.  C'mon out if you're local, and order online if you're not!  You know you need a stocking stuffer or two, don't you?! 

Another choice is A Quilt of Holidays, an anthology of holiday-themed poetry, story and memoir published by Silver Boomer Books, in which resides my essay, "Grappling with Ghosts." Check out the cover, website and author pages. You can order A Quilt of Holidays from Silver Boomer or Amazon.  (Or, if you're local, see me or visit the OM Bookstore!) 

Another bit of fun was participating in the Think Long Island First Limerick Competition.  I earned two Honorable Mentions, and give you one here: 

“Mosquito” as most would say
Is “Skeeter” in Oyster Bay,
and the name of a boat
on which we would float,
summer day after day after day.

All my limerick submissions are posted on the site (scroll down), so I won't do that here.  It's a fun form, especially for those of us with the Irish blarney in us! 

Still pending:  I'm waiting to hear about The Boatman's Daughter, manuscript which went to Finishing Line Press's chapbook competition in July, but already know I didn't make the first cut.  Possibly I'm in the second cut, which is ok with me, as it still means publication.  (And I think I've found a second potential publishing market in the meantime...yay!)

Pink Toilet Paper: The Culture Shock Poems  to Tiger’s Eye Press definitely didn't make the cut (whale face) but it was fun trying.  And I have a good base to build what will be my first full-length collection of culture shock poems.  In no time soon...but on a distant horizon...hmmm...I wonder if they'd like The Boatman's Daughter?!  Decisions, decisions...

On it goes...I'm currently focusing on a non-fiction project, and stretching my brain in new ways with that.  On occasion I spurt out a new poem, but trying to keep my focus in a non-fiction sort of way.

Hope you are finding some fun reads for the holiday weekend, and if you haven't found the perfect Thanksgiving poem yet, may I suggest W. S. Merwin's Thanks.  One of my all-time favorites.

Onward after food comas, rejections and Black Friday! Have a creative week!

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