Friday, March 8, 2013

The Boatman's Daughter

Book contract time!
As you may or may not have picked up from the social media, or being anywhere near me in recent weeks, Finishing Line Press has accepted my second manuscript, The Boatman’s Daughter, for publication.  Yahoo!!!

After the initial euphoria, wheels went into motion on all the myriad tasks required to bring a book to publication—much easier the second time around, knowing what to expect and how to read a book contract!  
I’ve been in a whirlwind of paperwork, updating mailing lists, printing labels, and selecting cover artwork (once again, artwork from my late uncle Jack is accepted), followed by trips to Staples and the post office, and to the nearest body of water for an updated author’s photo…all in the mail, on time, this week.  Ouf!

I have a few last tasks to finish this month, and then I’ll be free until approximately May. 20, when advance copy/pre-publication sales start (May 20 - July 5).  Mark your calendars!  As you may remember, press run depends on how many books are sold in this period.  I am ‘paid’ in free copies; the higher the press run, the more free copies I receive.  From sales of those, I build my fortune...

Release date is scheduled for  Aug. 30, 2013, just in time for Labor Day.

So I’m sprinting, excited, energized, and tired, if you can be all those things at the same time.  The Boatman's Daughter is sequel to Poems from the Boatyard, and I'm so glad Finishing Line Press accepted it; sequels need to be timely, right?!

Onto endorsements on the book!  One of those is a developing story...if indeed it comes about, I'll be blogging about that next time or two!  Stay tuned and get ready for that magic link on May 20!

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