Sunday, April 14, 2013


Peter and I were on our way to visit family members, in what we affectionately call Graceland—for the beauty of the landscape, the proximity to beach, boat and bay, and a deck on which to enjoy the afterglow of it all with a beer or gin and tonic

Fishing through the depths of the spirituality of a plant-based diet, we were talking about the resistance and passivity of a victim mentality; of laziness, greed and gluttony—and the resistance to reading labels and Scriptures.  Just some light conversation between gasps of awe at a river crossing, or daffodil against a stone wall.  And decisions about what clam bar to stop at for lunch; or should we pick up lobster rolls and bring them in for Mom? (Lobster rolls.)

"Why do people resist things that are good for them?"

“It takes time to read labels.  Convenience rules."  

"But it's just a learning curve.  How do you rouse people out of their torpor to read the label!?”
“Torpor!!!  Now there’s a good word!”  (note to iphone.)   

“How do you get Christians to read their Bible?”  

“I've given up!  I don’t know…it takes discipline…motivation…there's resistance...You just have to let people come to things in their own time.” 
“What is that resistance?  People don’t care what crap their eating as long as they can eat whatever they want!”
“People don’t like to be told what to do.  Some want the miracle with the Miracle Whip and don't want to work for it.  But God needs collaborators.  He can't work with passivity.  Read the label.”  

Peter sighed and pulled into a scenic overlook.  
“Couch potato or spiritual slouch…faced with that big juicy cheeseburger, you just gotta call on the Vegan Jesus to resist!” 

The Vegan Jesus.  Watch for it in bookstores...

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