Sunday, November 24, 2013

Five Events Later....

What a sprint!  I confess this last one was an effort to get to.  A Friday night after an intense work week, following a month of intensity with the book tour, and I was ready for a night off.  

But, fighting fatique, I hauled my brain into gratitude mode, and, with roadie Arwen, my books over to the Peachtree City Library for An Evening of American Pie & Poetry.  It was an astonishing night.  One of the organizers counted over 60 people--a shocker, frankly.  Before the event started, we writers had our typical conversation: "Wonder how many will come tonight..."    Kudos to Paul Lentz for a stellar PR job, and a crew of worker bees who helped set up, serve coffee and goodies, and Tom Watts, working his folk/Americana/blue music. 

My new French poet friend (from the Books Down South event) showed up.  A number of colleagues showed up, plus new fans and the usual suspects of fellow writers from our writers' circle.   Pies were sliced, Blue Donkey Coffee served. There was a festive, expectant air--helped no doubt by the approaching holiday.   

And off we in the hot seat with first position, followed by a fantastic story teller reading one of Paul's stories, and fellow FLP poet Sara DeLuca, reading her works.  Tom played a set, and then we reprised poems, story, poems.  The evening was over before we knew it.  And, IMHO, a home run.  Thanks to all who made it happen, who listened, supported, participated, served.

In fact, I'm already at work on reprising what proved to be a very successful formula.  Watch this space for another event in January.  In the meantime, I'll close the year out with one more event in December:  

Dec. 6: "PoeTea," 3:30-5:00 pm, at OM, 285 Lynnwood Ave., Tyrone, GA.  Readings, signing, poetry exercises, tea and light refreshments.  Sponsored by the OM Bookstore, with discounts for the season, so c'mon in, sip some tea, write a poem, and squeeze in some Christmas shopping to boot!

You can also order your stocking stuffers here: link for The Boatman's Daughter, and Poems from the Boatyard  is now available on Kindle.

Have a very happy and meaningful Thanksgiving! 

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