Thursday, January 12, 2012

Assumptions & Magnanimity

Assumption #1: dream big, pull it off, be the amazement of everyone in the neighborhood, if not the planet, including the blogosphere.

Assumption #2: dream big, and be the laughingstock of the neighborhood, the planet and the blogosphere.

Reality: dream big, and you will become a large-spirited person. By trying to accomplish something big, something happens internally: magnanimity. Anyone remember that word!? Anyone know of other ways to cultivate magnanimity?! This is what dreams do to us.

But not just dreaming...pursuing the dream. Not letting the threshold guardians, the neighborhood, or the complete lack of resources stop you. Not just to accomplish the dream and sing, “I did it my way….” Dream to become magnanimous.

Don't let your soul languish in despair, and eventually starve to death. Pursue the dream. Feed oxygen to your spirit. Breathe, rise, and fly.

Remember the Langston Hughes poem!

And you might want to watch this video.

The neighborhood will thank you.

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