Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trains & Boats & Planes

It’s time for me to leave the boatyard again and head for the airport. A new adventure awaits in Italy and it’s time to shift gears. I fly out tomorrow for Milan.

From now until May, you can find me here, writing from the land of pizza, Pisa and Botticelli! About about the experience of training artists in Italy to live a missional lifestyle, integrating art, faith and mission.

In between pizza and training, I hope to enter the land of book proposals, pulling one together from the materials I'll be teaching. This may be totally unrealistic, but hey, I'll give it a shot! If not now, when? When I get back to the boatyard...there's a whole new year stretching out still in front of me!!!

So I’ll say caio for now, and see you in cyberspace and around the start of the next boating season! Thanks for your faithful journeying with me...

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