Sunday, June 23, 2013

Owning People's Eyeballs

Interesting how much has changed in two years...  

In my first book marketing foray, I just caught the tail end of the Facebook frenzy.  The migration off FB went almost as rapidly as those 8 weeks of advance sales.  

My publisher informed me that since 75% of book sales happen online, I'd better bone up.  That sent me to The Idiot's Guide of Social Media Marketing, where I had just enough time to read, ping and tweet Poems from the Boatyard.  I even managed a You Tube.  It was kind of fun, kind of dizzying.      

Two years later, it's a different landscape.  Bored with Facebook, we're on Pinterest, Google and Instagram. Blogs have clogged the web.  Ping is gone, replaced by Hoot Suite.  Everything seems a quest to own people's eyeballs. 

I do like learning new things, but my two-year-old Idiot's Guide (which I never did finish) is almost obsolete.  Shift happens.  (If you read no further on this blog, watch that video!)  

A capsule version: Bill Gates earns about $250 per second...160 billion emails are sent daily...97% of which are the time it takes you to read this blog, 375 babies will have been born in India.  To reach a target audience of 50 million, it take two years on Facebook.  

I have 13 days to go and 14 copies of The Boatman's Daughter--so a lot can happen!  What I need to happen: sell 14 more copies to go to print.

What I want to happen: sell 205.  Why?  Then my print run shoots up to 1000, of which I receive 100 copies.  Hey we live in exponential times!  This is a modest goal!

Order now before shift happens! You can order The Boatman's Daughter with credit card or PayPal online here.  

Hanging on for the ride...

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