Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shift Happened!

The doldrums are over!  The Boatman's Daughter has taken off, and momentum boosted me to the bottom rung of the publishing scale.  That means a Kindle version too - yippee!  Positively exponential...

I frankly wasn't expecting that, but frankly, most of what has happened during this advance sales period I haven't expected.  Like a day on a boat...

This has been a lesson in Zeitgeist and humility.  The lessons I learned in the Boatyard are serving me well, to navigate this current stream.  

Pushing onto the next rung: 105 copies.    

Why is this important?  

It's all about the pressrun, determined as follows: 

Prepublication sales between 55-104 copies sold = 250 pressrun. Payment = 25 copies.

Prepublication sales between 105-154 copies sold = 500 pressrun. Payment = 50 copies.
Prepublication sales between 155-204 copies sold = 750 pressrun. Payment = 75 copies.
Prepublication sales between 205+ copies sold = 1000 pressrun.  Payment =100 copies  

If you’ve already placed your order, thank you! 

If you forgot, or got stuck in the hamster wheel, were planning to order and haven’t yet, now would be a great time.  You can order with credit card or PayPal online here.  Click, pay and you’re done! 

If you ARE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE NEW WEBSITE,  email  They will call and take your info over the phone,  process your card, or give info for mail orders.   

42 more pre-orders will double my press-run and my royalty. That’s only 6 a day...
And if you’re at all inclined, tweeting, reposting, sharing, pinning, linking back, or plugging The Boatman's Daughter on your site would help… a lot!  (Buttons are on the sidebar.) Thanks so much.  
Think I can make it in a week?!  Living in the exponential...


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