Saturday, July 27, 2013


For those of you who have not already seen it on the social media, that's the new magic tally of advance sales. So, I'm in for a pressrun of 500 copies - and glad to have reached that goal, after such an underwhelming start! 

Next on the agenda is a visit to some friends overseas, and attend a conference.  So the Boatyard will be a bit quiet till next month, while I cogitate on important matters, book tours and signings.  It promises to be an active Fall, so unplugging a bit now in anticipation.

Thanks to all who made it happen.  Another month or two, and The Boatman's Daughter will see the light of day! 

In the meantime, storing up reading material for my trek overseas.  One of them is "Pity the Beautiful," an interview with Dana Gioia on the release of his new book.

Dana Gioia is one of those poets who is, as this interviewer says, outside of my galaxy.  I first heard him speak in New York City, at an IAM Conference.  I'm not sure how this article plays out fully; I got in knee-deep and then had to bookmark it to get onto more mundane matters like laundry and food shopping.  Pity the mundane...

One gem of a quote, and then I'm off.  Follow me here till I get back!

"When we collectively lose our ability to have sustained linear attention, whole types of thought are impossible." 

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