Sunday, September 1, 2013

Where is The Boatman's Daughter?!

Back safe, sound and sane from travels! 

Galleys arrived shortly after I did, and needed a bit of work, so back they went to the publisher.  I'm awaiting the new galleys, and guestimating that The Boatman's Daughter will go several weeks past her due date.  May it not be too long, but...

Last word from Finishing Line (in mid-August) was that the printer was running two weeks behind schedule.  Assuming that the galley delay adds another couple of weeks to the mix, we're looking at end of September if you ask me.  Can we consider this building suspense?!

In the meantime, I've been working on a few book launch parties is these Southern parts, with the first scheduled for November at Dogwood Gallery, right here in Tyrone, GA.  Owner Greg Blair, friend and awesome dude, runs a fun and inviting gallery which I frequent at any and every excuse, even if I have to invent one.

Mark your calendars now, if you're in the Tyrone area: November 14, 6:30-8:30 pm.  Come prepared to exercise your poetic muscles, learn some back story and family history to both chapbooks, and view some artwork!  Thanks, Greg, for the opportunity.  (BTW: Greg does a fantastic framing job and is VERY reasonable.  Unless you're going to buy a ready-made, you won't do better.  Give him a try.)

Two other local events are sloooowly developing...stay tuned for details.  And I've got a gig in St. Augustine, FL in November--details also to follow.

So, a promising return to the Boatyard, and the gears will progressively crank up as we head into the fall.  Sorry for the delay on The Boatman's Daughter - will keep you posted! 

Happy Labor Day from the Boatyard!

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