Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Hyperbusy Social Media Party

Interesting to manage marketing from the road, while engaged in a conference …can you spell HYPERBUSY?! Yikes.

But it’s still fun. Like getting my first week’s sales figures (10 copies) and realizing I know of about another 20 orders, bringing me halfway to the first goal . I have such good friends…

And some of you dear ones are starting to spontaneously share the link on your Facebook sites – thanks for random acts of literary compassion! If you haven’t done so already, please consider joining the social media party, and throwing the link out to your network.

I have to admit, social media has made this a much richer experience than mere snail mail could ever have done. I think that’s what I like best so far—realizing how wide and far and wide and deep the whole experience has gone, in ways I never imagined when I first dreamed of writing a book.

And for the next two months I will be on the road visiting many of you, and face-to-face fun will add to the virtual fun. I’m very much looking forward to it all.

Thanks so much for your solidarity and enjoyment of this process with me--y'all are great!!!

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