Saturday, February 5, 2011

Start Your Engines!!!

We’re live folks!!!

That's right--Finishing Line Press is ready to roll, a little ahead of schedule, which is fine with me, as I benefit from an extra 10 days of marketing. So here’s the nitty-gritty, from the press release:

"Finishing Line Press is proud to announce the publication of Poems from the Boatyard, a collection of poems by Pat Butler.

“In Poems from the Boatyard, Pat Butler…is our tour guide, leading us via stark, concise images through a past as vivid as right now. Butler weaves her narrative in verse, honestly, like one whose life depends on it. These poems hit hard, get straight to the point and you’ll want to experience them again and again. Just listen to this as Butler writes in “Riptides,”

“they go straight through you, and hold you down that one second longer
than lungs can hold air. The sand scrapes your knees, sears the skin
off knuckles and nose, and fills your bathing suit, teeth and ears.
You get pounded up the beach, legs over head, to surface with sand
in your mouth and salt in your eyes.”

—Travis Wayne Denton, The Burden of Speech

Poems from the Boatyard can be ordered through Finishing Line Press, during an advance sales period ending March 30, at Click on “New Releases and forthcoming title” link, or go directly to:

This is an advance sales period. Books will ship May 27 (just in time for Memorial Day laziness!).

The books are listed in order of author’s last name, so you will need to scroll down to find my title—on the third row down. Please note that Poems from the Boatyard will not be available on until after it is published (May 27).

Why buy during advance sales?

. shipping costs are reduced;
. if you buy before Feb. 28 using Pay Pal, you can get a $10 rebate—so the book would only cost $3.50.
. the press run is determined by advance sales; the more sold, the higher the press run, and the more I am 'paid' (in free copies, which I can then sell for retail);
. this is a limited edition press run, and I know a LOT of people!!! Only 1000 copies will be printed max.

Unless they go to a second edition. Which they almost never do.

Of course, we could blow the socks off their whole routine, and exceed all expectations, couldn't we?! My brother thinks so...

Go for it, dear friends, and many thanks!!!

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