Friday, January 28, 2011

I don't even know Travis Wayne Denton, who wrote an endorsement for me, but I did at least meet him after the favor was turned in--at Poetry@Tech, one of the more incredible cultural finds here in Atlanta. Poetry@Tech was the brainchild of two men who wanted to ensure that "in a highly specialized and technological environment, students' aptitudes in the humanities are nurtured and supported as a foundation for life-long learning" (from the website).

In addition to poetry classes on campus, Thomas Lux (a major poet in his own right) hosts poetry readings about four times a year, bringing in some of the hotshots, mixing it up with emerging poets, from all over the United States and beyond. Rebecca and I got up there last month, and so I got to meet Travis and thank him personally for an amazing endorsement:

"In Poems from the Boatyard, Pat Butler, poet, is our tour guide, leading us via stark, concise images through a past as vivid as right now. Butler weaves her narrative in verse, honestly, like one whose life depends on it. These poems hit hard, get straight to the point and you’ll want to experience them again and again. Just listen to this as Butler writes in 'Riptides,'

“they go straight through you, and hold you down that one second longer
than lungs can hold air. The sand scrapes your knees, sears the skin
off knuckles and nose, and fills your bathing suit, teeth and ears.
You get pounded up the beach, legs over head, to surface with sand
in your mouth and salt in your eyes.”

Travis Wayne Denton, Author of The Burden of Speech

Thank you Travis!

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